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Business Taxes

We prepare the following business tax returns:

Corporations - 1120

S - Corporations - 1120-S

Partnerships  - 1065

Trusts  - 1041

Estates - 990

Sole Proprietorship - 1040 Schedule C

Investment Properties - Schedule E

In addition, we set every type of retirement plan including 401(k), 403(b), SEP's, Simple IRA's, IRA's, defined benefit plans and more.

Here is how we go beyond tax return preparation...

Dear Small Business Owner:

My name is Guy McPhail. I have been in your shoes as a small business owner worrying about navigating the confusing and complex maze of tax laws, regulations, and red tape every year.

Fortunately, after advising small business owners like you for over 25 years, and earning a solid reputation as one of New Jersey's top financial experts, I have developed ways to help small businesses owners answer the questions we all have – and solve problems you didn't even realize you had.

For example, small business owners commonly overpay thousands of dollars each year in taxes. It's true! Not because they want to waste money. They often do not have the expert assistance necessary to find the elusive loopholes and deductions crucial to helping lower their taxes to the bare legal minimum.

 Sound familiar?

At the end of the day, that means money out of your pocket – money that can be used to buy a car, pay for school, go on a trip with your family, or do a million things other than paying the government more than is required.

I believe that you work hard and deserve every cent of your money beyond the absolute legal minimum that is required by law. Don't you?

Take the opportunity to do something different and seize the day by lowering your taxes, saving your money, and growing your business.

The GM CPA Group. P.C. is here for you! If you are serious about cutting your taxes call us at 609-737-6600 for your FREE mini tax audit diagnosis. We'll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that are costing you thousands of dollars and show you how proactive tax planning can rescue those tax dollars! We guarantee it will be time well spent.

Dedicated to boosting your bottom line.

 Read a comment from one of our satisfied business owners...

This past year, our business engaged Guy McPhail’s firm for tax and accounting work after being serviced by a large local accounting group with multiple offices and a big presence in the New Jersey region. I am amazed at what Guy’s firm has been able to accomplish through his work on just one tax year’s return! As a business owner, changes in advisors are made very carefully and often after much consideration and deliberation. Now that we have seen the major benefits from his guidance, we are regretful we didn’t make a buying decision to go with him sooner. He is an incredible advisor. He absolutely has a solid grasp of advanced accounting and tax strategy applications. However, his biggest asset is that he implements them with his clients. If anyone is ever on the fence with what they should do, think of us while we evaluate lost opportunities for additional tax benefits over prior years. The time to take advantage of sound financial advice is today! Waiting out a decision can often lead to costly lost opportunities. Guy McPhail has demonstrated we will not lose those opportunities any longer.

-Eric Kollevoll Insurance Agency Owner

-Pennington NJ