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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do you need all of my tax information to meet the filing deadlines?

We need to have your tax information or hear from you regarding scheduling an appointment no later than 15 days prior to the tax return due dates. For example, the normal individual tax return deadline is April 15th. If we do not hear from you by April 1st we will not guarantee that we can complete your tax return prior to the deadline without filing an extension.

The normal individual extension deadline is October 15th. If we do not hear from you by October 1st we will not guarantee that we can complete your tax return within the extension period. The same 15 day rule applies to all business, trust and estate tax returns. If you have any questions as to due dates or deadlines please ask.

If I do not have all of my information should I send you partial information and/or documents?

No, we prefer that you do not send us partial information. For tracking purposes and to help guarantee we do not miss anything on your tax returns, we prefer that you wait and send us all information at one time. Receiving information multiple times also increases the time we need to spend on your return which may increase your fee. To avoid fee increases and help to ensure accuracy we prefer to receive all tax return documents together.

How do tax appointments work?

In an effort to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality service while at the same time holding ourselves to the highest professional and regulatory compliance standards, individual tax appointments are made in order to review your tax information and discuss any issues that relate to the preparation of your tax returns. Tax appointments are not to prepare your tax returns while you wait. Preparing the returns after the appointment will allow us sufficient time to properly prepare and review your returns and ensure we meet strict quality standards.

Our commitment will be to finish your individual tax returns within one week of your tax appointment. However, in many cases your individual tax returns may be completed within 24-48 hours.

What if I have tax planning questions?

As always, please contact us immediately whenever you have any significant life event as they often produce tax consequences. We encourage you to meet with us year round to proactively discuss tax planning strategies. The annual tax appointment is not to discuss tax strategies but to obtain information necessary to prepare your tax returns. If you anticipate a large refund due to withholding too much, please contact us to schedule a mid-year withholding review. Our tax planning is designed specifically to proactively meet with you and discuss tax planning strategies year round.

What do I need to bring to my appointment or send to your office in order for you to be able to complete my tax returns?

To ensure we have everything we need to prepare your tax returns when we meet or when you send us the information, we request that you provide us with a signed Engagement Letter, a signed and completed Required Client Questionnaire, copies (not originals) of all tax documents and information as outlined in our Individual Checklist, any other supporting Occupational or Vehicle Worksheets, and for new clients the New Client Condensed Organizer and copies of your prior 2 years tax returns. Please do not send us in the mail any original documents. We prefer to receive physical copies only or you can scan and email or upload to our website portal.

What documentation is needed to support a tax deduction for my charitable donations?

We recommended that you maintain payment record (cancelled check and bank statement or credit card receipt) for all cash donations as well as a receipt or letter from the charitable organization that documents the date and amount and that you did not receive anything for your donation.

For non-cash donations (i.e. Goodwill), we recommend that you maintain a detail list of the items donated that includes date donated, description, and estimated fair market value. Per IRS regulations these items must be in "good condition". You also need a receipt or letter from the charitable organization that documents the date and amount and that you did not receive anything for your donation.

If my deduction amounts such as charitable contributions or vehicle mileage will be the same this year as they were last year, do you still need supporting documents, worksheets or other supporting information?

Yes we need copies of supporting documents for each year that we take a deduction on any tax return we prepare for you. As a reminder you also need to maintain copies of all necessary supporting documents for each tax return in case you are audited.

How much are your fees?

Each tax return and client situation may be different; however, we generally quote a base amount of $400 for individual, $650 for trust and estate, and $850 for business entity tax returns. The base fee may change based upon the complexity of the work to be performed, our professional time to complete the work, and the value we generate for you. Additionally, the final fee is dependent on the availability, quality, and completeness of your records. For a more detailed pricing structure based on your specific situation please contact us.

Do I have to file my tax returns electronically?

Due to the number of tax returns we process, we are required by IRS regulations to file your individual tax returns electronically. If you would prefer to file your individual tax returns by paper, you must sign the IRS E-file Opt Out Form.